Big Brother April 1999 to February 2000 RIP,

The first robot was named Big Brother by my son Joe Watts (age 6 then) because he is the big brother to his two younger sisters (Ellie & Megan)

In The BBC Robot Wars Series 3 Big Brother beat the robots Grim Reaper(Ripped his wheel off), Sir Chromalot(Turned him upside down) then Ultor gave us the win after the judges gave it to them.
Big Brother made it through to the semifinals where we were beaten by Mace2.

We appeared at the Model world 2000 in Brighton where we beat all comers in the tug of War (even Mortis)

The picture is of Big Brother under construction.

Big Brother may be gone, but you never know where he may be lurking.

Waiting for the chance to return.

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