Live Event at St John the Baptists School Brighton

AS you may know we ran a live event........

Robot Mania

The day dawned sunny:-


The gates were opened to the public at 12 Noon on Saturday 22nd September,

The arena under construction

Attendees included:- Arnold,Arnold Terminegger, Behemoth, Bigger Brother,
Comengetorix, Chaos2, Cobra, Dantomkia, Dominator 2, Dorcus, XR220/PiG/HoG
Grim Reaper, Killer Carrot2, Killertron, King B, M2, Miss Struts,
Mulsanne Monster, Onslaught, Panic Attack, Plunderbird 5, Weird Alice,
Roobarb, Storm, Terminal Ferocity, TerrorHurtz, Tiberius, Toecutter2, Tornado, TX 108, Wheely Big Cheese,